Vegas Extreme Speedgolf Challenge


When: April 22nd, 2018

Where: Cascata Golf Club


What is Speedgolf?

Speedgolf is a sport that fuses two seemingly unrelated activities, golf and running, into a fun, fitness-oriented challenge that players of any skill and fitness level can play and enjoy: Speedgolf adds the element of time to the game of Golf as an additional performance factor. Thus, a Speedgolf score equals the combination of strokes and time required to complete a round. (i.e. - 65 in 44:06 = 109:06)

Players move as fast as they can between shots, use a limited set of clubs (max 7), and generally carry their own bag. Pull carts, and even electric carts can also be utilized for recreational rounds if needed or desired.
Etiquette is the same as golf; players are expected to care for the course (rake bunkers, fix ball marks), and wear appropriate golf/athletic attire.

Players are encouraged to wear running shoes to minimize injury and prevent course damage potentially caused by running with soft spikes; bags are carried, not dragged, and never placed on the green surface.


How long has Speedgolf been around?

The sport is believed to have begun in the 1970's when a handful of golfers began setting and chasing the world record. Speedgolf gained some notoriety in 1979 when former American record holder in the mile Steve Scott sped to an 18-hole time of 29 minutes 30 seconds and shot 95.

In the 1990's, an organization called the International Speedgolf Association put on several tournaments in which players had caddies in carts that carried the players clubs, called out yardages, and did course maintenance for the player. In 2000, Speedgolf International was formed and has put on numerous tournaments since. In tournaments sanctioned by Speedgolf International, players carry their own clubs, usually 5 or 6, in a bag specifically designed for Speedgolf. Caddies are not allowed.

The current world record in Speedgolf was established in October, 2005 when Christopher Smith shot a five under par 65 in 44:06 for a Speedgolf score (SGS) of 109:06 at a tournament in the Chicago Speedgolf Classic at Jackson Park Golf Course.

The Vegas Extreme Speedgolf Challenge

Not for the faint of heart, this timed golf tournament will cover over 6.5 miles of elevation packed premium golf course and is undoubtedly one of the toughest tests a speedgolfer will face. Come out and just watch or play alongside the top Speedgolfers in the country as they attempt to #conquerCascata in the first-ever SGUSA sanctioned Speedgolf Tournament in Las Vegas!

The Venue 

This unique sporting event will be hosted at Cascata Golf Club. Cascata offers a regal golf experience, set in the scenic foothills of the River Mountain Range, approximately 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Soaring 3,200 feet above Las Vegas's desert valley, the par-72 Rees Jones designed golf course and 37,000 sq ft Tuscan themed clubhouse occupy 400 acres on an 800-acre site in Boulder City, Nevada. 

With 900 feet of elevation change over it's 18 holes, conquering Castcata will require an equal amount of endurance and golf skill in this Extreme Speedgolf Challenge. Tournament tees will play 6,200 yards, women will play from 5,400 yards, traversing 6.5 miles on foot from the 1st tee to the 18th green.

The 2018 Vegas Extreme Speedgolf Challenge is sanctioned by Speedgolf USA, the governing body of Speedgolf in the US, and a founding member of the International SpeedGolf Alliance (ISGA).   


Ticket Options

The Championship Flight attracts professional, mini-tour, collegiate, and elite male amateur golfers, as well as endurance athletes(runners, triathletes, team sports, etc) who possess basic golf skills and knowledge of the rules. Entries for the Championship Flight subject to verification of golf handicap & pace of play requirements. 

For 2018, the maximum recommended golf handicap for the Championship Flight is 18.0. The Minimum Recommended Pace (MRP) is 6:00 minutes per hole, or a maximum of 1 hour 48 minutes to complete the round. Amateurs registering for the Championship Flight can use CODE: AMATEUR50 for $50 off their entry fee.  

The Xtreme Flight is ideal for non-elite, novice, and amateur golfers and runners, and first-time Speedgolfers, who possess basic golf skills and knowledge of the rules.

For 2018, the Minimum Recommended Pace (MRP) is 7:00 minutes per hole, or a maximum of 2 hours and 6 minutes to complete 18 holes.


Volunteer Scorekeepers 

Get an up close view of the Speedgolf action! Run on perfectly manicured grass, or follow competitors throughout the round in a cart, maintaining close proximity, and inputting basic scoring information using a live Speedgolf scoring app. The real-time tournament scoring app is VERY easy to use and can be accessed using most smartphones (iPhone, Android). Scorekeepers will also perform manual scorecard entry on an official paper scorecard.